Nov 24, 2011

3 For Thursday Week 9 Prompt 3 - American Thanksgiving Edition

3 For Thursday
Not a Prompt, just some Thanksgiving humor

Week 8 Prompt #3

~…greedily devoured…~

This weeks special prompt was an awesome theme provided by last weeks winner:
Lisa McCourt Hollar (@jezri1)
Curator of Jezri's Nightmares the scariest blog on the web!
Your story must revolve around this deadly sinBecause it's Thanksgiving she thought it was fitting!

Also, because it's NaNoWriMo I would encourage you to make this part of your NaNoWriMo story if you can.  If it is, put NaNo at the top of your post along with the title of your project!  If you wish you can also include a brief synopsis of your story and how this fits in (it won't be used against your word count). 
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  1. Thanksgiving Traditions
    by Lisa McCourt Hollar

    Jonathan leaned back in his layzboy and loosened his belt. He had enjoyed his feast today with his family.

    Thoughtfully he picked up his kindle and turned it on. His story came into view, exactly where he had last left it. The Carnival, by Lisa McCourt Hollar was just what he needed to read while waiting for dessert. He could hear Tanya in the kitchen and wondered what she'd created for her culinary masterpiece.

    Diving back into The Carnival, Jonathan chuckled at the reaction of the soon to be dead heroin of the story. Her tongue having been bitten out of her mouth, Lucy could do nothing but scream. He wished he had been able to serve a tongue that scrumptious. The fat bitch he had served up had pierced her tongue. The metal ring she wore in it had tainted the meat, making it unedible. He had done the best he could, dicing it, along with bits of her liver, into a spinache salad.
    Tanya had made a poppy seed and bone marrow dressing that helped cover the metalic taste.

    On the couch, Frank was snoring. Jonathan tried to ignore his brother-in-law, but he had a strong urge to slit his throat. Thankfully Tanya came in carrying a pie before he could react.

    Frank roused himself from the couch and called Amber and the kids to the table. Jonathan looked at his wife questioningly. He could smell the candied eyes inside the pie, (his mother's recipe, God rest her soul), though he knew he had used the two their meal had provided in the salad.

    "Old Man Johnson and his wife will no longer be bothering you," she whispered in his ears.

    Thankful for such a loving wife, Jonathan greedily devoured the pie and loosened his belt another notch.

    Word Count: 300

  2. Pleasure Before Business: A Holiday Tale

    Lucius Haversham-Overstreet lived a life in tribute to
    excess. He believed it was not merely the privilege of
    men of means to overindulge, it was their responsibility
    to do so.

    Lesser men only contemplated joys forever denied to
    them. Lucius felt obliged to "take up the slack", so to
    speak. His efforts countered the deprivations ascetics
    subjected themselves to. He helped to maintain the cosmic
    balance of things.

    Every gustatory treat, every distilled liquor, maidens of
    all ages and dispositions, these things and far more
    were all greedily devoured, quaffed or debauched as the
    opportunity presented itself. As long as he maintained
    both fiscal largesse and moral bankruptcy, Lucius saw no
    reason his lifestyle need ever change.

    Tonight's smorgasbord of sensory delicacies had left him delightfully satisfied. He reclined, languidly, on a large
    brocaded sofa. Grotesquely obsese and shamelessly
    naked, he was an unpleasant sight.

    Lucius saw the time and, sighing, hauled himself upward.
    He crossed the room unsteadily and inspected the body
    strapped to the immense four-poster bed.

    The woman, girl really, had been a rather scrumptious
    diversion between each of the seven courses of his
    evening meal. She was plush and full-breasted with a
    rounded posterior.

    She was face-down and unconscious. Cushions were
    arranged so that her backside was thrust upwards
    assuring access to her twin "ports of entry". Blood and
    fluids trickled from them onto her reddened flesh.

    The lurid sight brought a smile to Lucius. Not surprising
    she was still senselesess given the vigor with which he
    had repeatedly plundered her charms.

    He left her thusly, returned upstairs. Entertaining as it
    might have been to satisfy himself with her quiescent
    form, duties called. He must review and approve the
    menu for his annual Thanksgiving gathering. Tedious and
    annoying, but he HAD maintained his cardinal rule -
    pleasure before business.

    300 words @klingorengi


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