Nov 3, 2011

3 For Thursday Week 6 Prompt 1 - NaNoWriMovember Edition

3 For Thursday - NaNoWriMovember Edition
Week 6 Prompt #1
Writin', with a Stache!
This weeks special prompt is a "style" provided by last weeks winner:
~~The Story is the character's last letter or to someone special~~
Because it is NaNoWriMo I would encourage you to make this letter part of your NaNoWriMo story if you can.  If it is put NaNo at the top of your post along with the title of your project! 
If it's not for NaNo just include your story title. 

Contest Starts at 11am
Contest Ends at noon (for the Speed Challenge and for part one of your story for the Blind Challenge)
You have one hour to write 100 words including this word.
Next Contest Starts at noon with a sentence prompt followed by a word prompt at 1pm!

-----3 Ways to Play-----
 ═══Speed Challenge
Make this prompt a 100 word stand alone story in this hour
Blind Challenge
Start a 300 word story, writing the first 100 words during this hour using this prompt then adding to it as the rest of the prompts come up (without altering what you have written).
Classic Challenge
Wait for all three prompts then write a 300 word story including each of the provided prompts, for this you have until midnight EST!

For Full Rules Check Here

Don't Forget to add your twitter handle and/or email address below your post and give your story a title too (for a 300 word story you can finalize your title on the last entry)

If you're having issues posting feel free to e-mail me:


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  2. NaNo - Blind (title TBD)

    Dear Graham,

    So I write those two words and realize I don't know your first name. Stupid, huh? I think I knew you for all of 30 minutes. Maybe not even that.

    I'm still recovering from that night. From Carlisle. The docs say the scars won't be that bad, but I needed to tell someone I’m fucked up. Something changed inside me and nothing's right now. I don't know who I can trust.

    Except you.

    I just wanted to tell you that I wish you were here. I wish I could know you better.

    I wish you were alive.


  3. Sorry, the first one had a misspelling. Grr.

    Title: His Beloved (Blind)

    Dearest Cynthia,

    I miss you so much, it feels like my heart has stopped beating in my chest. Each breath I take slides into my lungs with the sharpness of broken glass and my ribs hurt with the effort. When you left to go visit your folks in Saskatchewan, I thought it would only last a couple of weeks, but as it turned into months, the time has dragged me through my days like I’m trudging through sludge. My whole body aches with the effort to move. Waking up is almost as painful as dreaming of you with me.

    99 words

  4. The Letter

    My Dearest Wife,

    I will be brief. If you are reading this then my life has ended under suspicious circumstances.

    I discovered the plot you and your lover had concocted. It was truly inspirational! I would not have lived much longer anyway, but I guess you couldn’t wait. Youth, always in such a rush.

    By now your fingers are surely burning as a result of the contact poison in which this paper was soaked. Fear not! The antidote is available to you.

    It is in the same location as the murder weapon you buried.

    My regards to Sheriff Wimbsley please.


  5. Title: Preparation for War (Nano Edition)

    Dear David,

    When I moved here a few months ago, I had no idea about who I really was or the truth behind my family. You have helped me discover so much. I will always be thankful for your presence in my life, even if is only for a short period of time.

    After we searched the archives yesterday, I finally realized what I need to do to defeat the destroyers … but I have to do it alone. I know you will probably think otherwise, but this fight is between them and my family. I have to do this.

    100 Words

  6. Gah - I had this posted earlier, but I forgot about the stupid captcha thing. Can I still play?


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