Nov 24, 2011

3 For Thursday Week 9 Prompt 2 - American Thanksgiving Edition

3 For Thursday
Not a Prompt, just some Thanksgiving humor

Week 8 Prompt #2
~…greedily devoured…~

This weeks special prompt was an awesome theme provided by last weeks winner:
Lisa McCourt Hollar (@jezri1)
Curator of Jezri's Nightmares the scariest blog on the web!
Your story must revolve around this deadly sinBecause it's Thanksgiving she thought it was fitting!

Also, because it's NaNoWriMo I would encourage you to make this part of your NaNoWriMo story if you can.  If it is, put NaNo at the top of your post along with the title of your project!  If you wish you can also include a brief synopsis of your story and how this fits in (it won't be used against your word count). 
If it's not for NaNo just include your story title. 

Contest Starts at noon eastern time
Contest Ends at 1:00pm (for the Speed Challenge and for part two of your story for the Blind Challenge)
You have one hour to write 100 words including this word.
Next Contest Starts at 1:00pm with a word prompt and the start of the CLASSIC CHALLENGE

-----3 Ways to Play-----
 ═══Speed Challenge
Make this prompt a 100 word stand alone story in this hour
Blind Challenge
Start a 300 word story, writing the first 100 words during this hour using this prompt then adding to it as the rest of the prompts come up (without altering what you have written).
Classic Challenge
Wait for all three prompts then write a 300 word story including each of the provided prompts, for this you have until midnight Eastern!

For Full Rules Check Here

Don't Forget to add your twitter handle and/or email address below your post and give your story a title too (for a 300 word story you can finalize your title on the last entry)

If you're having issues posting feel free to e-mail me:

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Don't Forget your Twitter Handle or e-mail address and a title (title doesn't count towards word count)!