Nov 17, 2011

3 For Thursday Week 8 Prompt 2

3 For Thursday
Week 7 Prompt #2
~~…from the shadows lurked…~~

This weeks special prompt was a picture provided by last weeks winner:
Jen DeSantis aka @JenD_Author
Because it is NaNoWriMo I would encourage you to make this part of your NaNoWriMo story if you can.  If it is put NaNo at the top of your post along with the title of your project!  If you wish you can also include a brief synopsis of your story and how this fits in (it won't be used against your word count). 
If it's not for NaNo just include your story title. 

Contest Starts at noon (eastern)
Contest Ends at 1:00pm (for the Speed Challenge and for part two of your story for the Blind Challenge)
You have one hour to write 100 words including this word.
Next Contest Starts at 1:00pm with a word prompt and the opening of the classic challenge!

-----3 Ways to Play-----
 ═══Speed Challenge
Make this prompt a 100 word stand alone story in this hour
Blind Challenge
Start a 300 word story, writing the first 100 words during this hour using this prompt then adding to it as the rest of the prompts come up (without altering what you have written).
Classic Challenge
Wait for all three prompts then write a 300 word story including each of the provided prompts, for this you have until midnight eastern time!

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  1. (Blind Challenge Entry - Part 2)


    Arthur leaned against the brick wall he struggled to comprehend what had just happened. The hair on his arms stood on end and his hands shook. Strangely, the muscles in his back and shoulders ached as if from some strenuous activity.

    “Damn,” he swore quietly. “I haven’t even been drinking!”

    Pushing off the wall he started down the sidewalk, the vision still vibrant and visceral in his mind. The sun was low in the sky as the end of the day approached.

    Passing by an alley, he heard a sound. From the shadows lurked a small girl.

    She wore chainmail.

    100 Words

  2. Speed challenge - prompt 2

    Bones scraping

    As she finished the spell, she listened intently in the night. The only thing she noticed was her own beating heart as it pounded.

    “Damn it,” she said out loud. “That should have worked.”

    She sat for a few more minutes, waiting. Finally she decided to call it a night.

    As she moved to stand up, an odor invaded her room. It reeked of sulfur and rot.

    The hairs on her arms stood up and her pulse quickened.

    A voice like bones scraping from the shadows lurked and shuffled.

    “I am here,” it said as it moved into the light.

    100 Words

  3. Classic Challenge

    Regulus Slayer of Dragons
    I couldn’t believe my eyes on the opposite side of the street I saw a sight to behold. Most people seeing him saw a nerdy man with glasses in a blue checked shirt and loafers; I with the gift of my third eyes sight saw him for what he really was a slayer of dragons. As I watched from the shadows appeared a dragon. I continued to watch; even with my third eye the sight before me was unbelievable for the man seemed to hide all of this from human sight. People walking by would see him strolling and a bird flying overhead not a man fighting a dragon. The man however raised his sword holding tight to the pommel he struck out at the dragon. The dragon gave great fight as I watched in horror the dragon struck at him producing his own sword. Who knew that dragons too fought with swords? The swords clanged the sound resonating in my ears yet no one on the street but me stopped and stared. The dragon yelled
    “I am Odysseus. I am the oldest dragon alive. Do you think to slay me mortal?”
    “Know me well Dragon .I am Regulus and I will send thee to thy doom Odysseus. Have you not wondered why your number has dwindled?”
    The fight continued the swords tips cutting flesh in both dragon and foe. I grew frightened who would defend us from these unseen foe if not for this hereto unknown Regulus?
    With a breath the dragon blew fire .Regulus produced a shield and with a movement not unlike a tango, Regulus danced across and deftly found his target piercing Odysseus’ heart ending the dragon’s life. Regulus turned to me, finger to his lips and disappeared never to be seen by me again.
    300 words


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