Oct 27, 2011

3 For Thursday, Week 4 Winner Miranda Gammella

 #3ForThursday Stories
"Power of Words" by @SweetSheil 17%
"Breaking Through to Freedom" by @MLGammella 67%
"The Voices Within" by @theglitterlady 17%
6 votes total 
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This weeks challenge saw three story entries.  @SweetSheil aka Sheilagh Lee @MLGammella aka Miranda Gammella and Stevie McCoy, @theglitterlady.  Three fantastic stories!

Now, Stevie "@theglitterlady" McCoy was the only entry for the speed challenge.  This was her entry:

The Voices Within
Circumventing the voices was only an afterthought. They were after all a part of me and who I’ve become.
“It’s unfortunate that the loudest voice I hear screams for your company tonight.”
“You don’t have to do this.” She whimpered back to me.
“You didn’t have to charge for your company either but we do what we must.” I stuffed the gag back in her mouth.
It’s not ladylike to puke out vile sentiments of love when her affections were just a show for hegemony. Heavy handed I stroked her soft hair.
Don’t lie to me.
This is the automatic winner for the:

I made a couple of oopsies last week and messed up the Blind Challenge and also had @SweetSheil's story listed as being in that challenge but actually there were no entries for it, although Miranda tried but as I scheduled the 3rd prompt an hour late… anyway…

The votes are in and the BIG WINNER is Miranda Gammella Check out her blog Onward to the Written Word...

Here is her story:
Breaking Through to Freedom

The Council sat together in a dark room surrounding a round table, somewhat reminiscent of Camelot but not so friendly. This was a hegemony, a dictatorship. There were separate countries with their own rulers, but they all kowtowed to the Council.

The Council read the minds of everyone, every thought, every idea. They instantly knew when someone was planning something they did not approve of or allow. No one in the world could have an independent thought without the Council’s approval. Yet they tried, brave men and women who wanted to free themselves from the shackles of the Council’s grip. Those that tried, died.

Unless someone found a way through the heavy-handed grasp of the Council.

Triton always knew he was different, but didn’t quite understand why. He was simply a private person, no more, no less, not willing to share his feelings or thoughts with many, even if it wasn’t for the Council. However, this translated to him being able to shield his thoughts from the Council, a discovery he made quite on accident.

He tested his ability again and again, and yet he lived. A plan began to take shape, a plan to circumvent the power of the Council once and for all. Slowly, he prepared, waiting for the right moment to strike. Finally, it was time to break the Council and give freedom back to the world.

The Council’s chamber was relatively unprotected, their folly assuming they would know of any attack before it happened. Triton stormed the room, destroying the Council and the sensors they used to control. Suddenly, the world was free to think, free to dream, free to be. Now everyone’s thoughts were private, just as Triton’s.

Triton returned to his home and waited for the world to wake up to its freedom.
Not only does she get another beautiful badge but she also gets to choose this weeks special prompt which will air in 20 minutes!

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