Oct 6, 2011

3 For Thursday Week 3 Prompt 2

3 For Thursday
Week 3 Prompt #2
~~came crashing down~~
This weeks special prompt was a word provided by last weeks winner:
Robert Hilliard @RedShirt6

Contest Starts at noon
Contest Ends at 1:00
You have one hour to write 100 words using this phrase or the special prompt
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You can either:
Make this prompt a stand alone story
Build on your last entry with this and the next prompt

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  1. Part II – Searching Deep …

    Maverick and Henderson cut through the docking plate on the ravaged hull of the ship. The titanium torch made quick work, allowing the two men to finally enter the ship.

    The dock plate didn’t come crashing down as expected. With the main power either off or not functioning, the grav system and life support was useless. They needed to find the main power grid.

    “Chambers, we’re in,” Maverick reported.

    “Roger, that,” their commanding officer replied.

    After finding and opening an access panel, Henderson manually opened the inner door of the airlock.

    What was on the other side was totally unexpected.

    100 again

  2. Glitter Lady Said…

    Pure Hunger
    Damien came to her in the waking morning; who would suspect his shadow to be cast in sunlight versus the translucent beams of the moon. Every step deliberate not to keep himself hidden but to keep hope hidden in the Earth’s dirt from scuffing his Italian shoes freshly waxed with the sweat of tortured souls.

    She sits on the edge of her bed delicately lit by the stripes of the window blinds upon her peach skin.

    He doesn’t have to wait any longer.

    Soon his lips will crash down on her and everything that makes her pure will be his.

    100 words


  3. Lest Ye Be Judged II of III
    "Is this the Topeka bunch?" Seventy people stood in line, chatting and laughing, completely at ease.
    "Yes your highness." A man replied.
    "I'm not your highness." Peter unravelled a scroll. "Phelps?" He called.
    A man quickly made his way to Peter's desk. "Present."
    "I'm sure it's merely for his amusement that you are even going through this formality." He shot me a glare.
    "After the church came crashing down on us, we were not anticipating judgement," Phelps said. "After all we have done for The Cause I was expecting a free pass."
    Peter cocked his eyebrow. "A free pass, here?"

  4. @RedShirt6 said…

    The day the Paris dome fell, ruptured by a derelict satellite falling, it seemed as if the whole world came crashing down. The poor who had been forced underground for the better part of the last century were suddenly in control. Those living above ground, once exposed, had only one place to go: underground. But the underground was full. It was a simple matter of blocking access from above. No one had ever dreamed that the wealthy would desperately want to get into the underground.

    As word spread around the globe, other cities fell, and the world was changed forever.

    100 Words


  5. Hero-Part3
    When I saw the woman standing there I was petrified and almost turned and ran.
    “I’ve been searching for so long and here you are...”
    I was smelly and just off a drunk and she still hugged me. In that moment I was reborn.
    I’ve been sober for six years now. I spend time with my grandchildren when I’m not working as a counsellor myself. I went back to school and got a degree in counselling to help others like myself. I live with my daughter and my grandchildren to them I am a hero. I’m reborn.
    Last part of blind challenge


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