Oct 6, 2011

3 for Thursday Week 2 Winners - @DL_Thurston and @RedShirt6


This weeks challenge saw two story entries.  @RedShirt6 (whom to me is a very mysterious figure) played the blind challenge and @DL_Thurston took the opportunity of my extended time to submit a 300 word story using all of the prompts.

Here is a winner badge for @DL_Thurston

Both of these stories used the feeling of Sheil's special prompt and ran with it, two very dark and twisted tales.  I chose @RedShirt6's as the overall winner simply because I hoped it would coax him to write more, I need to know what happens next!

…and so will you!

By @RedShirt6

He might be breaking the law, but he didn’t care. Anthony Fallon knew what he had seen. Over a period of weeks he had watched a group of people on several occasions enter the mausoleum late at night. The first time it had seemed odd. When it happened again, he knew something was going on.

Why would a group of people want to enter such a place late at night? Once he started thinking about it, his mind wouldn’t let it go. He had to know.

He stood, flashlight in hand, with his back against the mausoleum wall, listening.

Silence. He reached around to the gate of the mausoleum to see if it was locked. It swung out without a sound.

Well used, he thought.

He stepped inside the gate to the door. He had no idea if such a door was meant to be opened or sealed. He pulled on the handle and it opened. Inside, the air seemed stale.

Just then he felt something prick his neck. He flinched and turned. Suddenly he was face to face with a beautiful brunette woman. He froze in shock.

He saw her smile as he fell to the ground.

“Once he wakes,” she began, “he will have forgotten everything.” She shifted her gaze from the sleeping form of Anthony Fallon to that of the man to whom she spoke. “But that is beside the point, isn’t it Charles?”

Charles Daumier visibly winced. “Yes, that is beside the point.”

She continued to stare at him until she decided that he had taken her point seriously.

“Return him to the mausoleum above and seal the hidden entrance securely.”

“It shall be done,” Charles replied.

When she disappeared from the chamber, Charles felt a distinct chill.

“Witch,” he muttered. Quietly.

Here is your badge @RedShirt6 wear it with pride!

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