Oct 20, 2011

3 For Thursday Week 4 Prompt 3

Fair Warning
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 3 For Thursday
Week 3 Prompt #3
Word Prompt
~~ circumvent ~~
the sentence prompt was
~~heavy handed~~
This weeks special prompt was a word provided by last weeks winner:

Miranda Gammella @MLGammella

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  1. It was heavy handed and definitely hegemony, how could the republic of Paul have done this to me? Paul was a killing machine knocking people off at will. A serial killer who is trying to get into my mind so I can understand him, he continues to fill up pages of dialogue as he encounters different people and hides in plain sight. He lies skilfully, and I learned to lie too. This morning was the last draw he’d killed my neighbour Penny... or rather I John Morgan had .He used my hands to carve her up. She’d complained too much about my dog and Paul had come out to play. My next door neighbour’s body needed to be disposed of and I chopped it carefully in her bathtub placing all the parts in garbage bags.as Paul directed. It was all out of hand Paul had to be dealt with swiftly but how was I to deal with him? How does one circumvent an entity that takes over your life bit by bit, inch by inch through words? I pondered this as I disposed of Penny’s parts in the river tied to cinder blocks and as I drove home. I rushed to my computer determined to have him die by death by cop in the story. That would silence his voice .I began to type and the next thing I knew I was trapped within my body and you, Constable Bates, were at my door. You don’t believe me? I grab your gun and it goes off, blessed peace overwhelms, the voice of Paul is silenced. I feel myself floating away to eternal peace but hear
    “Goddamn it you’ve wounded me, just a flesh wound.” Paul says “but at least that whiner John Morgan has died.”

    297 words

  2. This was originally a part of the blind contest but I didn't see the 3rd prompt until after 2pm so I've adjusted it for classic play. :)

    Title: Breaking Through to Freedom

    The Council sat together in a dark room surrounding a round table, somewhat reminiscent of Camelot but not so friendly. This was a hegemony, a dictatorship. There were separate countries with their own rulers, but they all kowtowed to the Council.

    The Council read the minds of everyone, every thought, every idea. They instantly knew when someone was planning something they did not approve of or allow. No one in the world could have an independent thought without the Council’s approval. Yet they tried, brave men and women who wanted to free themselves from the shackles of the Council’s grip. Those that tried, died.

    Unless someone found a way through the heavy-handed grasp of the Council.

    Triton always knew he was different, but didn’t quite understand why. He was simply a private person, no more, no less, not willing to share his feelings or thoughts with many, even if it wasn’t for the Council. However, this translated to him being able to shield his thoughts from the Council, a discovery he made quite on accident.

    He tested his ability again and again, and yet he lived. A plan began to take shape, a plan to circumvent the power of the Council once and for all. Slowly, he prepared, waiting for the right moment to strike. Finally, it was time to break the Council and give freedom back to the world.

    The Council’s chamber was relatively unprotected, their folly assuming they would know of any attack before it happened. Triton stormed the room, destroying the Council and the sensors they used to control. Suddenly, the world was free to think, free to dream, free to be. Now everyone’s thoughts were private, just as Triton’s.

    Triton returned to his home and waited for the world to wake up to its freedom.

    299 Words


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