Oct 6, 2011

3 For Thursday Week 3 Prompt 3

3 For Thursday
Week 3 Prompt #3
Word Prompt
the sentence prompt was
~~came crashing down~~
This weeks special prompt was a word provided by last weeks winner:
Robert Hilliard @RedShirt6

Contest Starts at 1:00
Contest Ends at 2:00
You have one hour to write 100 words using this word or the previous phrase or the special prompt

You can either:
Make this prompt a stand alone story
Finish your last entry with this prompt

You could use all three in a 100 word story and submit it by midnight tonight!
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  1. Lest Ye Be Judged III of III
    "Who started the fire?" I asked.
    Peter's fingers ran down the list.
    A petrified man involuntarily came forth. "I didn't…"
    "This isn't really the place to lie, John." I said.
    "I had to stop them, I'm…" tears overcame him.
    "Gay." Peter finished for him. "That's okay. Up here, we're very understanding."
    The gates opened, and an angel appeared to escort him through. The former congregation stared wide eyed.
    "Just so you know," Peter addressed the former congregation, "God doesn't hate fags, God, hates bigots!"
    In bursts of fire and screams, sixty-nine people falsely claiming to be Christians faced their judgement.

  2. Part III: Searching Down into the Deep

    “Holy hell, Maverick. Have you ever seen anything like this before?” Henderson asked.

    “No,” Maverick responded. “Although, I’ve heard rumors about what this could be.”

    Activating their anti-grav boots, the men walked through the airlock toward the petrified artifact in front of them.

    Maverick kept his distance from the object. The glint of bronze along the wall caught his eye. Carefully, he brushed the grime away.

    “It’s the Nautilus,” he whispered, realization of what the artifact really filling him with dread.

    Maverick looked over a moment too late as Henderson approached the artifact with his hand extended.

    “Henderson, no!”

    99 words

  3. Entry for Classic Challenge


    The petrified body came crashing down through the derelict house from the attic, the rotten wood finally giving way. The body, a shriveled, gray thing, laid motionless, staring up into the heavens, hoping for answers that would never come.

    39 words – booyah!

  4. Holy crap Miranda! I may have to make you a special badge for word conservation!


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