Oct 6, 2011

3 For Thursday Week 3 Prompt 1

3 For Thursday
Week 3 Prompt #1
This weeks special prompt is a word provided by last weeks winner:
Robert Hilliard @RedShirt6

Contest Starts at 11am
Contest Ends at noon
You have one hour to write 100 words including this word.
Next Contest Starts at noon with a sentence prompt followed by a word prompt at 1pm!

You can either:
Make this prompt a stand alone story
Build on it with the next prompts

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  1. Hero
    He was once someone’s father. He really hadn’t wished any of this upon himself. He had fought in the war come home to find his wife had moved on. She didn’t want to hear about the war. He had lost his children too to another man. He’d pulled himself together gotten a job at a factory and then the recession had hit. He’d been laid off. He lost his home and then the flashbacks had come. He was once a hero but now he was a derelict on the street a man people averted their eyes for.

  2. Entry for Blind Challenge:
    Part I – Searching …

    The two surveyors examined the exterior derelict hulk as it floated, its orbit slowly degrading as the gravitational pull of the planet below pulled it down.

    “What do you think, Maverick?” Henderson asked through the comlink.

    “I think this is a ancient piece of spaceflot. I have no idea why Chambers thought anything was going to be salvageable,” Maverick answered.

    “Must be something important inside,” Henderson commented.

    “Perhaps,” Maverick agreed. Personally, despite his dismissal of the hulk of metal at his feet, he was intrigued.

    Aspects of the ruined ship matched one that had gone missing decades ago, the Nautilus.

    All 100

  3. Lest Ye Be Judged (I of III)
    I folded my wings under my trench. Walking through the wreckage I wondered how long this church would sit a derelict ruin, a reminder of the scum claiming to do the Lords bidding. I do the Lords bidding.

    "Who do you think did this detective?" The fire marshal ran the scanner looking for hot spots.
    "I don't think we'll ever know. Likely one of these nut jobs." I lied. These people had a lot of friends, we weren't among them.

    I had to return. I couldn't wait to see the look on the Phelps' face when he faces his maker.

  4. Entry for the Speed Challenge (of which I'm really hoping we can enter both... LOL):

    Home Sweet Home

    The house stood, waiting for his return. Perhaps he wouldn’t notice the faded shutters, the broken windows, or the peeling paint. The overgrown grass hid cracks in the foundation.

    The house waited.

    Strange men came and ripped the copper pipes from the house, leaving the house with gaping scars.

    The house was shamed.

    It was a derelict. He wouldn’t want to live there anymore.

    But yet, he returned with a smile, his old, blind eyes not seeing the ravages of time. With a caress along the doorframe, he shuffled in to its welcoming shelter and rested.

    The house was redeemed.

    All 100 again :)

  5. Hero-Part2
    His world had come crashing down; there was no one to save him. He gave himself to the bottle and it took over his life. Now he was to see this counsellor at the Salvation Army to try and get his life back on track but did he really want that? The nightmares of war still came despite the bottle to black it out. He had nothing, that’s the way he liked it wasn’t it? What was there to be sober for? He’d play the game and get a bed for the night. The door to the counsellor’s office opened.


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