Sep 23, 2011

3 for Thursday Winner - @SweetSheil

So the inaugural running of 3 for Thursday only had one entry, but it was a good one!
A three hundred word story submitted by @SweetSheil (Sheilagh Lee)

On top of getting this fresh off the presses badge:

She also gets to choose the special prompt for next week, which will hopefully result in tons more entries!
Here is her story:

Karma’s A Bitch
I puttered around the garden, I was enjoying the fresh air after my long week of work trapped in my office; even if Emily had forced me to take the time. After all I owed her.
“Where was she anyway, the stupid bitch?”
I then saw Emily looking beyond me. She appeared beautiful meditating near the flowers and all that greenery… but she always looked beautiful. I had neglected her badly, working all those late nights and then coming home and yelling at her because my dinner wasn’t ready, or my clothes weren’t clean. She’d make me so angry, she was so agreeable, but I’d make it up to her. After all her shiner was looking better and her broken arm was healing nicely. Emily believed in Buddha that’s why she brought me here I’m sure. Stupid bitch, like I’d choose to follow any religion. Emily believed in all those new age principles too. Why did I put up with her stupidity?
I stared again at the topiary that looked like Buddha, it had moved. I know it did! It was fleeting but I saw the creature move as if by magic. His eyes twinkled and yet there were no real eyes there. He was a topiary, not a living being. I turned my back to go and it moved again. What was this a scene from Dr. Who? I was imagining it, I convinced myself. I took two steps towards it to touch it; convince myself it wasn’t real. I reached out touching. Ha, I had imagined it all, I thought. I turned to go when it grabbed me and I found myself the topiary Buddha in the garden.
“I told you Karma was a bitch! Howard you should have listened.” Emily said walking away

299 words

I loved the "split" personality of the character, on one hand seeming to love Emily, on the other an abusive SOB!  Sheilagh did a great job of using the image and incorporating the sentence.  The word, fleeting, was hidden so well I almost didn't see it!
Even if this wasn't the only entry I'm sure it would have been a strong contender!

Great Job Sheil!

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