Sep 29, 2011

3 For Thursday Week 2 Prompt 3

3 For Thursday
Week 2 Prompt #3


This weeks sentence prompt was:

fell to the ground

This weeks special prompt was a picture.
This weeks special prompt is a picture provided by last weeks winner:

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You have one hour to write (or continue writing) 100 words including this word.

You can either:
Make this prompt a stand alone story
Finish what you started during the last two prompts.

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  1. Forgotten

    “Once he wakes,” she began, “he will have forgotten everything.” She shifted her gaze from the sleeping form of Anthony Fallon to that of the man to whom she spoke. “But that is beside the point, isn’t it Charles?”

    Charles Daumier visibly winced. “Yes, that is beside the point.”

    She continued to stare at him until she decided that he had taken her point seriously.

    “Return him to the mausoleum above and seal the hidden entrance securely.”

    “It shall be done,” Charles replied.

    When she disappeared from the chamber, Charles felt a distinct chill.

    “Witch,” he muttered. Quietly.


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  3. "Quiet, god damn it." Jordan swung the flashlight around to where his two companions whispered a conversation.

    "Who's gonna fucking hear us out here?" Mitch asked, pulling Mandy closer. "Where's this pad you were talking about?"

    "Just ahead." Jordan padded through the grass ahead of the tittering lovebirds, following the old unmarked path, stepping where he was meant to step, avoiding where he wasn't. It was a carefully choreographed dance through the forgotten graveyard, just as he'd been shown.

    Finally the wall with its black iron gate rose up where it hadn't been before but always stood. Just where no one noticed it, but everyone still avoided it.

    Mandy shivered. "In there?" she asked.

    "You scared, babe?" Mitch stepped to the gate, but recoiled from the wrought iron. Jordan smiled in the darkness, happy to see those typically stoic features break in a moment of doubt. Of fear.

    "Come on," Jordan said, "you've not seen the best part."

    The gate screamed as it opened, rusty hinges fighting the movement. Jordan didn't care how much sound they made now. Who would hear? He stepped through, illuminating a tour of the stone walls, pointing out each etching and symbol to the couple, both taking hesitant steps further in.

    "...and this," he concluded, "is my favorite part." He let the flashlight's beam fall onto a medallion carved into the floor. "This is the mouth of Zorr."

    "Who...who is Zorr?" Mandy asked, her voice quivering.

    "Zorr is who we all must love and fear. He will come again soon. But first...first he is hungry."

    Jordan pulled out the gun from beneath his cloak. Two shots echoed, covering the sounds of two bodies as they fell to the ground. Zorr would eat tonight. Regain his strength. And soon, soon he would come forth for more.



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