Sep 22, 2011

3 For Thursday Week 1 Prompt 3

3 For Thursday
Week 1 Prompt #3


The sentence prompt was:

It appeared as if by magic.

This weeks special prompt was a picture.
I took this picture in the
Orchid Garden in Singapore
Contest Starts at 1pm
Contest Ends at 2pm
You have one hour to write 100 words using the above word.

You can either:
Make this prompt a stand alone story
Finish your 300 word story using the word above.

For Full Rules Check Here

Don't Forget to add your twitter handle and/or email address below your post and give your story a title too (for a 300 word story you can finalize your title on the last entry)

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Don't Forget your Twitter Handle or e-mail address and a title (title doesn't count towards word count)!