Sep 29, 2011

3 For Thursday Week 2 Prompt 1

3 For Thursday
Week 2 Prompt #1
This weeks special prompt is a picture provided by last weeks winner:
Sheilagh Lee @SweetSheil.  Check out her Blog: 
Fear Not The Darkness
Creepy Eh?

Contest Starts at 11am
Contest Ends at noon
You have one hour to write 100 words based around this picture.
Next Contest Starts at noon with a sentence prompt followed by a word prompt at 1pm!

You can either:
Make this prompt a stand alone story
Build on it with the next prompts

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  1. Been asked this twice so, Title is NOT part of the word count :D

  2. Mausoleum

    He might be breaking the law, but he didn’t care. Anthony Fallon knew what he had seen. Over a period of weeks he had watched a group of people on several occasions enter the mausoleum late at night. The first time it had seemed odd. When it happened again, he knew something was going on.

    Why would a group of people want to enter such a place late at night? Once he started thinking about it, his mind wouldn’t let it go. He had to know.

    He stood, flashlight in hand, with his back against the mausoleum wall, listening.



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